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  • Study level:র্Advanced
  • Start on:12 December 2016
  • Duration:5 Months
  • Class size:12 students
  • Price 220K

Android/iOS Apps Development

Abraham Wright Enoh Learning & Earning


Swift is the latest language developed by Apple for use with their various system architectures in place of more unwieldy C or Objective-C code-bases. It has been created with the latest modern features and developed completely open-source. Swift’s goal is to adopt safe programming patterns from established languages while making day-to-day programming easier, more flexible and overall fun. Voted one of the most loved languages in the recent StackOverflow Developer’s Survey 2017.

Moreover, Swift is the language of the future for all applications developed in the Apple ecosystem. This offers a great opportunity to learn a new language with a lot of backing and interest.

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